Monday, 20 December 2010


I went to York today, I love York! I got the most amazing coat from Deep and a nice dress from Topshop, so pleased with myself. It was a good day out the house actually, we looked in millions of shops and had a nice lunch. The only bad thing was having to wake up early and get ready and then when we set off we got stuck in traffic, thank god to the person who invented the radio eh? Me, my mum and dad had to pick up a parcel when we got back because it was off my auntie Jackie and she had sent a Christmas present to us. Then me and my dad went to Teesside Park to get a present for one of our neighbour's kids, a card for my cousin because he'd just passed his driving test and Christmas lights for the tree outside. Then I dropped my friend Beth's present off and then relaxed in bed on my laptop all night.

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