Tuesday, 28 December 2010


I had such an amazing Christmas! I woke up on the morning and me and my dad went straight to my nana's grave, then we went to my auntie Terri's and I got some money off her, she's the best auntie ever. We arrived back at home, and my mum was preparing all the food but I'd done the trifle for dessert the day before. We opened all our presents and I got loads of things, I was so pleased! One of the best things I got was my hand made necklace off my auntie Jackie, it's a triangle with swirls on it. We visited my cousin Chelsea and she had just got back from work, bless her. We stayed there for ages, talking to Ian, Lynne, Gemma, Scott & Chelsea. Then we got back home and watched some films together. Christmas time is the best. We didn't do much on Boxing day, just a nice chill day but me and my mum did pop over to Teesside Park, there isn't really much in the shops. I'm going to just save up my money now and spend it when I need to. My birthday is coming up soon on the 8th January so I'll have some more money, I might buy myself a new birthday outfit, although I don't know what on earth I'm doing yet. Yesterday we went to the Metro, but it was so packed and I couldn't stay because I just felt so claustrophobic. Today, I had a lesson in Physics and I'm starting to really understand it now and I need to do my other revision starting tomorrow, apart from that I just chilled all day and downloaded some music for Chelsea and put them on discs.

Monday, 20 December 2010


I went to York today, I love York! I got the most amazing coat from Deep and a nice dress from Topshop, so pleased with myself. It was a good day out the house actually, we looked in millions of shops and had a nice lunch. The only bad thing was having to wake up early and get ready and then when we set off we got stuck in traffic, thank god to the person who invented the radio eh? Me, my mum and dad had to pick up a parcel when we got back because it was off my auntie Jackie and she had sent a Christmas present to us. Then me and my dad went to Teesside Park to get a present for one of our neighbour's kids, a card for my cousin because he'd just passed his driving test and Christmas lights for the tree outside. Then I dropped my friend Beth's present off and then relaxed in bed on my laptop all night.

Sunday, 19 December 2010


Haven't posted in quite a while actually but I've had such a busy week. I got all my exam things out the way, the lock had broke on our front door on Friday so we couldn't get in. Me, my dad and mum ended up getting the police to brake the door instead of a £75 locksmith. They had to brake the lock on the front door, still couldn't get in, then ended up going round the back and braking that lock. What a carry on! My mum and dad both had their works Christmas parties so I stayed and guarded the house, haha. I had a nice shopping trip with Tasha on Saturday and stayed in and watched movies, me and my mum were meant to be going out with Ali & Hope, but Ali had fallen and had to go to the emergency dentist so we're meant to be going out sometime next week, hopefully. I've had a good Sunday today, went to Boro with my mum to get some bits and bobs, had a lovely bath whilst listening to the charts, so happy Matt Cardle is Christmas number one and then went to my uncle's and chatted for a while. David Suchet is such an incredible man, he was on the telly tonight aboard the Orient Express, I want to go on it, it looks amazing!

Monday, 13 December 2010


I haven't been on here for a couple of days but I have loads of assessments and mock exams this week. I had to write a story titled Trapped for our English assessment which we have on Wednesday, and we do a diary entry assessment on the Thursday which goes with the story. I'm quite pleased with my story though, it's about a young man who gets paralysed from a car crash. I still need to do my plan because we're not allowed to just take our story in. I have a 90 minute Maths mock exam, 45 minutes on Wednesday, and the rest on Thursday. On top of all of that, we have a mock Chemistry exam on the Wednesday, too. I really can't wait for the holidays, at least I'll be able to do some relaxing and then some revision for my Science GCSE exams in January.

Friday, 10 December 2010

Blonde hair

I really fancy dying my hair blonde but I'm frightened I'll regret it. I've been brown, red, purple, and a really dark brown which it is now, but I just fancy a change. I wouldn't get it bright blonde, just a nice browny blonde or dirty blonde like I was naturally.
Sarah Michelle Gellar
Kristin Stewart
Kim Kardashian
Jessica Simpson
Hilary Duff
Rachel McAdams

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Back to normal

School is back on this week, great! It's so hard trying to walk in the snow, you take one step forward to take two steps back. We've done absolutely nothing and loads of teachers have been off. On Monday, we have double P.e and we had dodgeball with all the boys for an hour and then we played cornerball for the next hour, but then the teachers changed their minds and decided we weren't working hard enough, so we had to do pyramid running. It's where you do 1 minute running, then 1 minute walking, 2 minutes running, then 1 minute walking, then 3 minutes running, then 1 minute walking and then back the other way. Today was okay, our cooking teacher wasn't in so all we did was copy out chinese recipes for next lesson after the Christmas holidays, our history teacher wasn't in either so we did some textbook work, art was alright, still need to finish my flower girl and in I.t we had an assessment thing. School sucks.
I'm up to season 5 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer now, I've watched it loads of times, but started watching it again and it hasn't took me that long to watch it. I love this series though and the rest, apart from season 4, that one is boring.

My weekend

Wow, my weekend has been really good! It was my cousin Michael's 40th birthday and we all went for a meal on the Friday night which was delicious. On the Saturday night, we went to his 40th party which was good and we got to see all the family and have a few drinks. Michael's son and niece who are younger than me, went overboard with the Smirnoff's and his son ended up throwing up, bless him. I've been so busy, but it was amazing. I can't wait for next weekend, I'm going up to the Metrocentre with my dad and Olivia to get Christmas presents for all my friends, so hopefully I'll get sorted.

Thursday, 2 December 2010


This is not looking good. I've just made an inventory of most of the clothes that I have, and I've worked out that I have 16 pairs of shorts, 15 skirts, 18 shirts, 20 jumpers, 16 cardigans, 3 pairs of trousers, 15 pairs of jeans, 21 tops, 42 t-shirts, 93 vests, 36 dresses, 2 playsuit/jumpsuits, 4 pairs of harems, 2 waistcoats, 6 hoodies, 7 tracksuit things, 3 little jackets, 2 underskirts, 1 tutu from halloween, 10 crop tops, 13 concert or movie t-shirts, 2 pairs of three-quarters, 8 bodies, 3 pairs of jeggings and 9 pairs of leggings. Sound, it's going to take me like years to sort out, I'll have to sort out my vests first because some of them are quite crappy. Oh the joys.


Well I ended up walking to school this morning because it started at 10am but then I got my sketchbook and walked back home. What's the point in going to school when we're not going to do anything? Boring...
So I done some artwork and watched Confessions of a Shopaholic and now I'm watching Greta and making an inventory of all the clothes I own. It will take me ages, but I don't mind because I've got to get rid of loads of stuff.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010


This looks so tempting. A nice coffee and cake from Starbuck's or Costa would go down a treat right now.


Well it's now really dark outside and it's only 5pm. There's meant to be more snow tonight and it's meant to be going over to America. I've done like hardly nothing today, but there was a film on the telly that I watched called Undercover Angel, it was so cute! I have been looking at loads of random pictures recently and I thought that I would add one to this post. Can't wait for a nice sleep tonight and hopefully no school again in the morning, how lazy am I hah.

Lazy day

I'm so happy, we get a day off school today! Apparently only 6 staff turned up this morning. There is more snow now and it's really cold but it's nice to have a day off school because we were there yesterday. At least I can relax, watch the telly and stuff. It's also the 1st December so that means only 24 more days till Christmas, I can't believe it and I still don't even know what I want.