Saturday, 15 September 2012

Ready for the weekend

It's been my first full week at college now and it's going well. But I couldn't wait to have some free time to catch up on tv or whatever that I've missed. I ended up watching The Bletchley Circle yesterday and it's so good!
This weekend should be productive though, I'm going to:
1. Go out with my friend because she's getting her first tattoo
2. My auntie's because she's having a party and all the family are invited
3. Start reading The Road, the book I have to read for English literature
4. Finish any work that I need to do
5. And relax, hopefully!

Monday, 10 September 2012


First of all I should probably apologise to anyone that actually reads my blog, I haven't done anything on here in the past few months. Mostly because I was busy with school, revising for exams and just trying to relax. Well I ended up passing my GCSE's and got 2 A*'s, 6 A's and 3 B's which I'm so pleased with. After school, I enrolled into college so I've just started my first full week and it's really nerve wracking. It's only been a few days though so there is plenty of time to settle in and get to know people. I don't know why but I always find it really hard to speak to people and make new friends. That is probably the only interesting thing that is going on right now except...
Oh, you never guess what?! I'm off to New York for a week in October and I can't wait, trying to save up money and plan everywhere we're going to visit. So exciting!
If anyone has any advice or places that I definitely need to go see please let me know.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Shopping over Easter

Sorry that I haven't posted in absolutely ages but there just wasn't anything interesting going on or nothing that I wanted to post about. Anyway over the Easter holidays I've done a lot of shopping and thought I'd post about the things that I've bought, mainly in Manchester where I went for the day and the Metrocentre in Newcastle. I did order my prom shoes from Office which are the Jeffrey Campbell Foxy Platfrom heels which you can see in the image below, they're amazing, so comfy and match so perfectly with my prom dress because my dress is a bright red colour exactly like the shoes.
You can buy these shoes from here.
Right so I went to Manchester on Tuesday at the Trafford Centre, it was really good as I've never been there before and we decided to go. There were so many shops but if you live in the North East like me it did seem a bit pointless travelling all that way because you can find the same sort of shops more locally. But anyway we had a really good shop as you can see from all the bags.
I bought a Parma Violet candle from John Lewis' which is to die for. From Hollister I bought some sweatpants and the amazing perfume which just smells like the shop in a bottle mmm. From Selfridges I purchased a MAC lipstick in the colour Lovelorn, its a beautiful pale bubblegum pink. In River Island I purchased 2 pairs of brogues in the sale, a patent black pair and a leopard print pair. Unfortunately I had to return the leopard print pair which I was gutted about because one shoe was a size 5 and the other was a 7 so back they went. I bought a random lip balm from The Body Shop in the flavour Guava which is lovely. I ended up getting some Levi jeans which I absolutely adore! If you are looking for the perfect pair of jeans I highly recommend you get some Levi's as they're so comfy but are a bit pricey if you can't afford them. Also from Topshop I purchased this lovely top which has a kind of rib cage print on and flowers. I cannot wait to wear this with tights and things but it is quite long so you can just wear it as a t-shirt dress.
These next pictures are the things that I bought in the Metrocentre.
 Black and white sheer shirt: £10 Primark
 Blue vest: £3 and Blue star pyjama bottoms: £5 Primark
 White vest: £3 and spotty pyjama bottoms: £5 Primark
 Cream lace skater dress: £15!!! Primark
 Mens green hoodie: £12 Primark
 Mens Jessie J t-shirt: £8 Primark
 Multi row necklace: £4.25 and spike earrings: £3.75 Topshop
 Knitted jumper: £12 Primark
 Moustache t-shirt: £20 Topshop
 Blue spot vest: £3 and blue spot pyjama bottoms: £6 Primark
 MAC lipstick in Runaway Red from Shop MAC collection

 Burgundy Converse: £39.99 Office
Here you can see my old and new Converse, I needed a new pair as my old ones were getting really small and giving me blisters but my new ones are perfect.
Later on in the week I did buy some other jewellery from Topshop which were all in the sale and then I got the H&M riding style pants, they weren't as fitted as I thought they'd be but they are a nice alternative to regular leggings and a cheaper version of the American Apparel disco pants. I have also been really debating whether or not to buy the zebra print Creepers obviously by the original brand Underground. Does anyone recommend these or have been thinking the same as me? Please let me know. I'll also try and post more but I do have a lot of exams coming up next month and the month after so hopefully I'll find time between revising and trying to not stress out to post some updates etc.