Tuesday, 28 December 2010


I had such an amazing Christmas! I woke up on the morning and me and my dad went straight to my nana's grave, then we went to my auntie Terri's and I got some money off her, she's the best auntie ever. We arrived back at home, and my mum was preparing all the food but I'd done the trifle for dessert the day before. We opened all our presents and I got loads of things, I was so pleased! One of the best things I got was my hand made necklace off my auntie Jackie, it's a triangle with swirls on it. We visited my cousin Chelsea and she had just got back from work, bless her. We stayed there for ages, talking to Ian, Lynne, Gemma, Scott & Chelsea. Then we got back home and watched some films together. Christmas time is the best. We didn't do much on Boxing day, just a nice chill day but me and my mum did pop over to Teesside Park, there isn't really much in the shops. I'm going to just save up my money now and spend it when I need to. My birthday is coming up soon on the 8th January so I'll have some more money, I might buy myself a new birthday outfit, although I don't know what on earth I'm doing yet. Yesterday we went to the Metro, but it was so packed and I couldn't stay because I just felt so claustrophobic. Today, I had a lesson in Physics and I'm starting to really understand it now and I need to do my other revision starting tomorrow, apart from that I just chilled all day and downloaded some music for Chelsea and put them on discs.

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