Sunday, 19 December 2010


Haven't posted in quite a while actually but I've had such a busy week. I got all my exam things out the way, the lock had broke on our front door on Friday so we couldn't get in. Me, my dad and mum ended up getting the police to brake the door instead of a £75 locksmith. They had to brake the lock on the front door, still couldn't get in, then ended up going round the back and braking that lock. What a carry on! My mum and dad both had their works Christmas parties so I stayed and guarded the house, haha. I had a nice shopping trip with Tasha on Saturday and stayed in and watched movies, me and my mum were meant to be going out with Ali & Hope, but Ali had fallen and had to go to the emergency dentist so we're meant to be going out sometime next week, hopefully. I've had a good Sunday today, went to Boro with my mum to get some bits and bobs, had a lovely bath whilst listening to the charts, so happy Matt Cardle is Christmas number one and then went to my uncle's and chatted for a while. David Suchet is such an incredible man, he was on the telly tonight aboard the Orient Express, I want to go on it, it looks amazing!

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