Wednesday, 26 January 2011


Finally, exams are over = no more revision = actually having a social life = happy me! I am so so glad that my Science exams are over, I just hope I've done well on them, I did try my hardest though. I can't wait to go out on Friday night, I'm off down Yarm with my mum, Ali and Hope, which should be good. Then I might be doing something with Emily on Saturday, but we haven't decided yet. It's actually funny how free I feel, I have my freedom back because I don't have to stay in and revise all the time, YES!
Well next month should be a better month to the year and hopefully everything will start getting better. Apart from the speech I have to do for English, damn it..

Monday, 24 January 2011

New year

I can't believe I haven't been on here. I've been so busy though, revising, trying to relax between all the revising and doing exams. I'm sick of school, and sick of everything to be honest. I could probably say that this new year hasn't got off to a good start. New year celebrations were amazing and my birthday was good, it's just everything that has happened lately. I'm just so glad that my Physics exam is on Wednesday and then it's all over with apart from ones I have to do later in the year, but I won't have as many as those. I've had 4 exams in the space of just over 3 weeks and it's not fair, they've been putting an enormous amount of pressure on us and I just want to do well but I can't focus, I just hope that I'll do well on Wednesday, I've revised so much. Also I got my hair highlighted on the 15th, and I really like it, I can't wait till I get it highlighted again in February. Red dye is an absolute bitch to get out of hair!