Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Back to normal

School is back on this week, great! It's so hard trying to walk in the snow, you take one step forward to take two steps back. We've done absolutely nothing and loads of teachers have been off. On Monday, we have double P.e and we had dodgeball with all the boys for an hour and then we played cornerball for the next hour, but then the teachers changed their minds and decided we weren't working hard enough, so we had to do pyramid running. It's where you do 1 minute running, then 1 minute walking, 2 minutes running, then 1 minute walking, then 3 minutes running, then 1 minute walking and then back the other way. Today was okay, our cooking teacher wasn't in so all we did was copy out chinese recipes for next lesson after the Christmas holidays, our history teacher wasn't in either so we did some textbook work, art was alright, still need to finish my flower girl and in I.t we had an assessment thing. School sucks.
I'm up to season 5 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer now, I've watched it loads of times, but started watching it again and it hasn't took me that long to watch it. I love this series though and the rest, apart from season 4, that one is boring.

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