Wednesday, 26 October 2011

New bedroom

I got my bedroom done at the beginning of October, me and my friend painted one wall a green/blue colour and the rest magnolia and omg, I love it! My mum ordered me a Laura Ashley bed and we bought all the bedding to go with it and some gorgeous curtains from there aswell. I think the Laura Ashley stuff is just so nice and my bedroom just feels so cosy now. It also feels as if I should have got a double bed a long time ago because it just looks so good and I can just relax in bed and do whatever I do.
I've been selling some more stuff on eBay so I'll finally be able to get rid of loads of clutter, I still need to tidy my whole wardrobe and sort out my drawers because there is just stuff in my room that I hardly wear and there is no point in keeping it because it will only stay there and gather dust.

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