Saturday, 2 April 2011

April has sprung

So glad it's April but this year is going really fast, I cannot wait for summer time. I went to the vintage fair in York the other week and I got some high waisted shorts, a grandad jacket and some gorgeous sunglasses. I spend way too much money on clothes but I love it too much to stop buying things and if I just didn't go shopping, I'd have the most unattractive clothes haha. Maybe I should start saving instead, I'm terrible.
Chloe was sleeping round last night and it was really good but she has got me addicted to Ebay now, I'm currently bidding for this gorgeous floral dress. There is so many nice things on Ebay, especially when you search and search for what you want, you can get some good bargains.
Also last weekend it was Helen's leavers party because she's moving to London so we had some nice food and then went down Yarm, it was quite good actually. I'm her 'adopted little sister'.

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